Why is everything is cooked fresh to order? That’s a question we get asked a lot. Kerr, a trained chef explains that by cooking everything fresh to order, delicious crispy chips, a wide selection of fish & making our own secret home-made batter are just some of the things that sets The Wee Kelpie ahead of the competition. By doing it this way we can deliver restaurant quality food from a take away, which attracts new and loyal customers from near and far. We believe that by cooking everything fresh to order you:

  • maintain the quality of the food
  • have less food waste and therefore it’s better for the environment
  • keep the food crispy and hot
  • have pride in what you serve
  • deliver restaurant quality time after time
  • make individual customers feel valued
  • respect the ingredients and provenance
  • can serve Gluten Free menu options

It does mean a wee bit of a longer wait but we hope you think it’s worth it?

Kerr & Nicola