Sourcing sustainable products is an important part of our ethos. The Haddock and Cod are MSC frozen at sea, which ensures the freshest sustainable fish possible. Other fish on offer are landed in Shetland or Peterhead and brought in by the local fishermen daily.

The Haggis and Pudding is made especially for The Wee Kelpie by our local village butcher and the Sausage is supplied by Walkers in Kilcreggan, a multi award winning butchers.

The potatoes come from a supplier at the Glasgow Fruit Market and they use the best variety available each season. The majority comes from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, as these are renowned for being the best chipping potatoes. The Wee Kelpie Team prepares these potatoes and turns them into delicious crispy chips each day.

All packaging is biodegradable and we use plant based compostable forks and tubs. The frying range is a three phase filter system ‘ultimate’ efficiency which has lower gas consumption and was designed and built in Scotland by Scotrange and the used fat is sold back to the supplier and recycled into biofuel.

Here’s a quick glance of our sustainable approach to Fish & Chips:

  • haddock and cod are msc certified
  • all fat collected by supplier and turned into biofuel
  • we use bio boxes for our packaging and vegware for our forks and tubs
  • we encourage customers to eat more sustainable species of fish when in season
  • we use frozen at sea haddock and cod which allows us to minimise food waste
  • our range is an ultimate efficiency 3 phase range with lower gas gas consumption, designed and built by a scottish company, Scotrange.
  • our bags are recycled Treesaver bags
  • all of our fliers are printed on recyclable paper

If you’ve got an idea how we can improve our sustainability then please let us know.

Kerr & Nicola